Friday, November 14, 2008

Rudy's Progress Report

Rudy is back on the list for surgery next Monday because the fluid in his chest is still draining and they think it is robbing him of protein that he needs to heal in other areas. Please pray for little Rudy and this setback. Seems he goes three steps forward and two back.

Also, the family is from Santa Barbara and although their house is not presently in danger form the fires, their children still in Santa Barbara also need reassuring. Lots going on in that family. For more details you can check up on Rudy at Please pray for the family this weekend.


  1. Pat- I am still praying for him. He is going thru so much to be so young.

  2. Thanks for the prayers. I heard from my friend, Helga, this evening and she said the prayers are certainly needed for the whole family and it is those prayers that are keeping them all going through this ordeal. Tough times for all of them.