Tuesday, December 2, 2008


This is my Christmas rant. First a friend went to buy Christmas stamps--the ones with the Botticelli Madonna and Child on them. The Post Office said they were out of those but could give her Hanukkah instead. Sorry, but that is not our tradition! She could also buy the Muslim stamp but she wanted the Christmas stamp with the Madonna and Child on it for her Christmas cards. The second postal station was out and so was the third one! They each had plenty of Hanukkah stamps and a Christmas toy stamp, but she wanted the Madonna and Child. She visited the main post office but did not find them there. She returned to our local postal station and they had gotten in 11 sheets of stamps only. She bought them all. Seems like others are also looking for the same stamp! I don't even know how to start my own search for the same stamps.

Next, I came across a site where I could get a Christmas decor for my blog and I found that they had 717 pages of pictures--each page had 12 pictures that I could choose to insert on my blog. The first few pages were cutesy bears with Santa hats, snowy scenes, Christmas trees, holly, and so on. I looked through 109 pages seeking one with a religious theme. I found three: one had a nativity with Santa kneeling in front and the other two were the same with different wording--a silhouette of the Holy Family traveling against a sunset background. I was not impressed! The thing that distressed me the most was the increasingly sexual aspect of the pictures with almost-nude males and females dressed in Santa hats and scarves that left little to the imagination or signs that said, "I want......for Christmas."

Next, I went to find Christmas paper for our Christmas newsletter. Once again I could not find ANYTHING with a religious theme at our local office supply chain stores. My next stop in that search will be one of the religious goods stores--if I can find one that has not gone out of business this year.

My thought after those experiences was: What has happened to the REAL meaning of Christmas? I began praying the prayers of Advent this past Sunday and will continue saying those prayers and meditating on the scriptural meaning of this season each day until Christmas. Why is it so hard to find support for the religious meaning of Christmas out there in the world? What has our culture done to the real meaning of Christmas?


  1. it's sad how christmas has been so commercialized. even though i am not religious i am always dismayed (or disgusted) to see christmas stuff in the store on november 1 when halloween is over.

  2. Hi there,
    I totally agree. I think the Sears clerk was taken back a bit when I said, "don't wish me Happy Holidays!!! It is Merry Christmas. She told us that she had got into trouble when she had mentioned this phrase over the loud speaker.
    I often say that I celebrate Christmas everyday.
    This year I told my kids not to buy their parents anything but if they wanted to buy a goat, mosquito nets, cement for a water well or sponsor a single parent that would be great.
    We are heading to Calgary to help the SAMARITAN's PURSE Christmas box campaign. This agency collect thousands of boxes and distributes them to various countries.


    ALBERTA Lori


  3. I couldn't agree more, Pat. I, for one, refuse to use the greeting "Happy Holidays", and always respond with "Merry Christmas". We are celebrating the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ. It will always be a "Merry Christmas" for me.

  4. They don't know the real meaning of Christimas and it's our job to be the reminders!!

  5. Yes, it is our job! I went to a Bible study on Paul’s letter to the Corinthians last night and couldn’t help but think that our job now is just as hard as Paul’s was. Our world has had the message of Jesus Christ, but is beginning to lose it. It is our job to bring that message back—loud and clear!

  6. I found myself turning into a Scrooge the last few Christmas seasons and wondered if it was just the fact that it would not be shared again with my family.I want to toss the tree, decorations and gifts, turn off Jingle Bells, etc. and just be quiet with the Lord and ask where and who He wants me to share the true meaning/gift of Christmas and then be obedient and do it!