Tuesday, December 9, 2008


My painting classes ended last week and will not begin again until sometime in January. I missed going to class this week and have two pictures "in progress" that will have to wait until January to be finished. I doubt if I have much time to paint the next couple of weeks anyway since I have not done one bit of decorating yet and I have to get several packages ready to mail by the first of next week. Why the first of next week? Because the Post Office says that is the latest date they can assure that packages will get to their destination by December 24. Well, at least that gives me a target to head for.

Meanwhile, I thought I would share with you two pictures that I have finished. I took pictures of the paintings and am very disappointed with the quality of the photographs, but you will get the idea of what I have been working on. The covered bridge picture had a lot of architectural detail that was very tedious to work on, but I am very pleased with the end product. I may do more of that type of painting. The pelican was not quite so tedious, but I really got carried away with those rocks at the top of the painting. I am not so sure about my skill at doing bird feathers--perhaps I need to practice on another bird or two.

I believe my next project will be a still life painting, but then there is that lovely water lily I took a picture of and that oak tree and dirt road picture that I have. Oh my, I can hardly wait for January to begin painting again. Hope Santa brings me some new brushes, though!


  1. Stunning! What an amazing talent you have.

    By the way... found you through Terri Tiffany...

  2. They are beautiful! Oh to have that talent!!!