Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Once or twice in the past I have asked for prayers for my friend Helga's ten-week-old grandson who was born with a heart problem. The doctors say that the heart is now strong, but Rudy is having several unsolved problems and the doctors are perplexed, the parents are frustrated, and the family needs prayer. A friend submitted the following proposal on their blog:

Our good friend, Bob Drummond, approached me this week with a proposal that we highly welcome. As the doctors are finding it difficult to explain Rudy’s lack of progress and are trying new things, this would be a great time for some focused prayer. So, please read below and join as you feel led–

Rolf and Trish have allowed me to be a “guest poster” on Rudy’s Beat to encourage the multitude of friends who have so faithfully supported the Geyling family during this season of challenge and uncertainty for a time of prayer and fasting for Baby Rudy. Acknowledging the wonderful grace God has administered through the dedicated and talented doctors and nurses who have so expertly cared for Rudy, we also recognize the need to rely on the power of our personal and powerful God to bring healing or change when we get to the limits of our human abilities and wisdom.

As you are aware, there are two areas that are crucial to Rudy’s healing and development right now: the stoppage of the unexplained fluid leaking into his chest cavity and his ability to take and maintain nourishment so he can develop the strength he needs to progress. As you know, the progress in these important milestones has been inconsistent, even confounding, yet essential for his growth and health. So, as Rudy is slowly beginning to take nourishment through a feeding tube and Rolf and Trish have to make some important decisions regarding the next treatment options, I think it is appropriate that we join together (as we can) for a time of prayer and possibly. fasting, on Thursday or Friday this week, as is best for you.

This exhortation is given with the full respect of the different faith traditions of Rudy’s supporters and that prayer and fasting can take many forms, from full fasts to fasting to and praying for one meal a day. In our freedom in Christ this is not about doing “it right” or like others do. God does not need our formulas or prescriptions, just our humble faith and acknowledgment of His Lordship and sovereignty over all things, including Rudy’s little body.

So, as you are led, I invite you to join the literally hundreds of people from all around the world who are following Rudy through this blog in a dedicated time of fasting and prayer for Rudy on Thursday or Friday this week. Let’s ask our gracious Lord to bring an end to the fluid leakage as He sees fit and that Rudy be able to take and tolerate the nutrition he so desperately needs.

Over the years I have observed that one of the redemptive miracles in times of great challenge and crisis is how the invisible Body of Christ can become so visible to others through acts of love and sacrifice. The outpouring of love and support for the Geylings and Baby Rudy is evidence of this, as people all over the world, many of whom have never met the Geylings, have been united in their love, support and prayers. This is a powerful witness to a watching world of the reality of the living God we love. On behalf of the family and friends, we express our thanks and great appreciation for you faithful prayers and support! It has been literally miraculous. Again, I ask you to join us for this time of dedicated prayer and fasting.

Standing with you for Rudy and the Geylings.
Pastor Bob


  1. I will be praying for Baby Rudy today!

  2. Thanks, Kara. I saw his grandmother at church today and she is becoming a bit frazzled with the worry this is causing the family. I have been reading Trish and Rolf’s blog every day and I cannot imagine the torture they are all going through. They truly need a miracle!

  3. Pat- For some reason, your postings are not coming across to my Favorties. I came over to check on you and found that you had posted a couple since I was here last.

    I am praying for Rudy.

  4. Thanks, Barbara, for your prayers for Baby Rudy. This is very wearing on the WHOLE family.