Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Musings

I am not ready for Christmas. I am on an errand of mercy. I received a plea for help this a.m. as I finished my workout at the fitness center and headed for church to pray for the various needs that I was aware of. Instead, I glanced at my cell phone and noticed a MISSED CALL sign. I returned the call and headed out to lend a hand. I left many things undone at home. I have a list of "to do things" as long as my arm as I rushed to help out.

Along the way I decided that the Spirit of Christmas also includes answering the call for help and I am so glad that I responded the way I did instead of the response on the end of my tongue that almost said, "I cannot possibly spare the time!

Instead of spending time in the Mall completing my shopping list, baking stuff to give away, and wrapping gifts, I have held a delightful child who looked up at me with loving eyes and a grin a mile wide. I have played with a delightful little sister who has wrapped my heart around her little finger. And I hope I have helped this family in need over a bit of a hump.

I believe I have been gifted by answering that call for help this morning. I believe that is what the Spirit of Christmas is really all about! The rest of that stuff on my list will take care of itself--and my dear husband spent much of the day working on my list. I am so grateful to him for helping me out!


  1. Aw I wish I could be there to help you out. I am prepared now aside from the Christmas cards I haven't gotten around to writing... but at least I have gifts for my family!

  2. My dear mother-in-law so kindly gave up all her time to help me out recently and it is times like these that we realize just how lucky we are to have such wonderful family. I feel so blessed to have married into my husband's family, my mother in law is the best!! Thank you so much for your help!

  3. That was a wonderful way to spend your day, Pat! It definitely fits in with the true spirit of Christmas.