Saturday, December 27, 2008


Our company left today and our house is VERY quiet! There are a few packages left under the tree to deliver to Son #2 and family when we visit them next week, but our house definitely has that "after Christmas look" with many leftovers in the refrigerator, several containers of cookies on the kitchen counter, gifts still to put away, and Christmas wrapping paper and tags to stow until next year.

However, looking back is a delight. We had a wonderful time with family and loved ones over the past week. We realized that we were celebrating Christmas this year with four generations gathered together. The first picture shows my mother who was the oldest at our celebration at 93 and the youngest was Grandchild #7 at almost 5 months old.

Miss Ella Bella discovered that Santa had come and eaten all the cookies and polished off the milk that she had left for him the night before. She was quite surprised and a bit dismayed that ALL the cookies were gone!

Grandchild #7 let his sister, Miss Ella Bella, help him open his packages and then she helped Granddaddy open his stocking gifts. When the gifts had been opened, she involved Granddaddy in coloring with her in her new coloring book. He was most happy to help her begin coloring Cinderella's beautiful dress. After having all boys in the family, these girl activities are a new experience for him.

Great-Gram read to Miss Ella Bella and then clowned around with her oldest two great-grandchildren. We had a wonderful time and these picture provide us with some great memories. We are, indeed, thankful that we have had these times to enjoy being together--with still more together times ahead when we gather with Son #2 and family.


  1. Pat,
    I always love to see pictures of your family and of Aunt Mary C.
    We had a nice card from Mary Ellen White and she mentioned your book.
    I will have to get a copy for my Dad. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
    Cathy Willett Voight

  2. Yes, this is a nice way for everyone in the family to know what is happening.