Friday, January 2, 2009


One of my New Year's resolutions has been to plan more ways to be frugal. With the downturn in the economy, I believe that it is prudent to think of pinching every penny twice before turning it loose. Here are some of my frugal ideas:
1. Becoming more conscious of how much water I use. We are in an "exceptional drought stage" now and I believe that water rationing might be coming if we do not get rain soon, but it seems that conserving water is always a wise idea--and also a money-saving idea.
2. Being more cognizant of the ways that I use my car--planning trips to cover several errands at a time and cutting out trips that are not absolutely necessary.
3. Turning off lights and electrical appliances when not needed to conserve electricity and save on our electric bill.
4. Making lists before going shopping so that I will not be tempted to buy things that are not absolutely necessary.
5. Using store coupons for every grocery shopping trip.
6. Checking out resale shops for clothing purchases--recently I read that a family never bought anything new that they could find used and that is beginning to make more sense to me as I try to be more frugal with our retirement funds.
7. Making gifts rather than buying them this year.
8. Trying to be more aware of ways to be frugal.


  1. Pat, these are wonderful ideas. Thank you.

  2. I went to the library a few days ago because there was a book I really wanted to read but it just came out so was only on hardcover. Then I went looking for some more books to read over break, all which would have cost me close to $100 had I bought them brand new. I was thinking of you and how you would appreciate the "frugalness!"

  3. Amy, I am so impressed! I did that last year—began using the library. Today I took some things to the Goodwill near us and they have lots of books. I came out with an almost new Grisham hardback with $26.00 on the cover and it cost me all of $3. I felt very frugal. I will give it to my husband for his birthday since he is a great Grisham fan—after I read it first!