Friday, January 30, 2009


For the second time in a couple of months, our newspaper has featured an article on resale shops and thrift stores. With the economy where it is today that is not surprising. The article in our newspaper says that our city has dozens of thrift, consignment, resale, vintage and secondhand stores. Some of these stores have cropped up in clusters in certain shopping areas and many feature wonderful designer bargains. Some garments even have original store tags on them.

Another caveat of shopping some of these stores is that the money spent there often goes to support charitable causes. Last year funds raised through the Goodwill stores provided education, training, and career services for disadvantaged people as well as those with physical, mental and emotional disabilities. Funds raised through the Junior League and the Assistance League thrift stores provided funds for programs that serve emerging needs of children and adults in our community, and the Salvation Army thrift stores support their adult rehabilitation programs.

Not all resale stores contribute to local charitable endeavors, but they do provide a way to save money and some of my friends say the thrill of the hunt for bargains is what makes resale shopping fun, no matter what the economic is doing.


  1. very timely post! i was just thinking about finding a consignment store this weekend to get some end tables for my apartment.

    Tell Cindy I said hi!

  2. Pat, life is changing, isn't it? And I think it may be for the best. I certainly don't spend like I did a year or so ago. I buy most everything at largely reduced prices. I shop, for the most part, at discount stores. Even on Amazon, I buy from the used book sellers at fabulous discounts. We also buy in bulk at Grocery Outlet. Last month, we bought many flats of veggies like spinach, black eyed pears, turnip greens, collard greens, and green beans there and saved 50% over other stores. Our emergency pantry is pretty well stocked as I've mentioned to you before and it's growing all the time. I'm going to start looking at Goodwill, etc. for odds and ends like books and other treasures. Happy hunting!!

  3. Thanks for sharing your memories. They sure have brought back many of mine. I remember standing on a similar grate at my grandparents' house and the delight, on a cold New England winter day, of the heat blowing up my skirt. I would pretend to fly as my skirt whirled up and around and I held my arms out like wings!