Friday, July 31, 2009


We just spent two days at a conference at the beach. Whee! I love the beach and took sunrise walks on the edge of the water both days. We had a wonderful balcony overlooking the beach and I sat out there in the afternoons and into the night. It was wonderful--especially since they fed us and kept us entertained much of the time. Our cost was minimal considering the wonderful time that we had--a great way to have a mini-vacation!

The only problem was that the hotel wireless system was down most of the time I was there so my clunky old computer did not work at all. Their business office had two computers and only one worked and did not get the Internet except on a sporadic basis. I have decided that I really need to buy a new laptop that is portable (that is, weighs less than the 20 pounds mine seems to weigh when carrying it through the airport!) and is capable of picking up wireless signals in areas where the hotel is not cooperating. It was comical to see many businessmen at the hotel sitting out in the grass with their computers turned on, or in the lobby or front sidewalk of the hotel in the heat, trying to pick up signals. Of course, my battery does not hold a charge anymore so I would need a LONG orange cord to go outside with my computer to see if I could pick up a signal.

Being a frugal person, I have been considering my purchase of a new laptop for quite some time. I only plan to use it when I travel, so I want it to be truly portable, but adequate for acquiring e-mail and adding to my blog while I am gone from home. I would also like to look at pictures I have taken while traveling. Any suggestions would be mighty welcome!

Pictures will come later--I promise!


  1. Your beach view sounds divine! And what a bummer not to have your keyboard on your lap as you sat there. That would have completed the dream. Sounds like you want to ask Santa Claus for a Netbook.

    Love your comical image of the businessmen trying to make do out on the lawn. I bet they were steamed. What a shame that otherwise fine American hotels are so often primitive on cyber services.

  2. When we went to SC for 6 wks I had to buy a laptop in a hurry and bought a compaq. But it is lightweight and cheap and works! I went to Best Buy and bought the sale.

  3. Pat, we bought our daughter one for $276 online at Tiger Direct. You might want to check there for sales. it was an HP netbook, I think. Kids and she love it. for surfing it is great, also lightweight. I will look for info.