Monday, September 28, 2009


Whew! Well, I guess we dodged another bullet on this one. Friday the doctor and I both thought things looked really dismal and they were even worse on Saturday, but today the doctor and I scratched our heads in amazement because all of Mother's problems seem to have reversed themselves (power of prayer??) and he is sending her back to the Summit tomorrow. She will be on the skilled nursing floor for a time and she has a lot of strength to regain, but the doctor says she has nothing terminal at this point.

Meanwhile, back at home hubby is very irritable and "irritated" (in more ways than one) because of his recent urinary tract blockage. We see the urologist tomorrow, so maybe things will improve for him. The only glitch is that Mother will probably be released from the hospital about the same time hubby is due at the doctor's office. And I have not yet learned the art of bi-location--ding it!

My sister came in last night and we spent quite a bit of time with Mother. It was good to have another person to consult with and help me with decisions. However, she had to return to work tomorrow, so I put her on the plane this afternoon.

And, my sister-in-law in NM continues to have serious health problems that are keeping her in the hospital, in serious pain, and stumping all the medical professionals. My brother is wearing down after two weeks of this. Fortunately, he is getting good news from our neck of the woods and one of his sons has flown in to be with them this week.

Thanks to everyone for the wonderful prayers and support.


  1. I'm glad about your mom and hope all goes well for your hubby and your SIL. It seems when it rains, it pours....that old saying seems so true, unfortunately.

  2. It sounds like you have some busy times ahead of you! Stay well and happy for your mom~

  3. Pat,
    Glad to hear the news on Aunt Mary C. Not so good news on your husband and SIL. I will keep the prayers going. Hang in there and STAY WELL.