Friday, September 4, 2009


Well, I guess this "frugal thing" has caught on in our society! I went to our local Barnes & Noble this evening with my husband for our date night. Our favorite thing to do on Friday night is to go out to eat (using a coupon that entitled us to one entree and the second one at half price) and then stop by B&N for a look at the latest books. Tonight I saw several that I want to read so I wrote down the names of the books and authors and will soon go to our public library to check them out--at no cost to our pocketbook.

The thing that caught my eye was a table of books labeled "Frugal Living." I immediately went to see what was there. They had books on traveling cheaply, saving money on food, shopping wisely, simple living, making your own mixes, and even preparing your mind to live in a more frugal manner. I guess this is what our economy has led us to--a more frugal mindset.

I think the past year or so of focusing on frugal living has made me much more aware of ways to save money. Since my husband and I are living on a retirement fund that has no cost-of-living raises built into it, (AND the government takes a portion of that each year!) we have definitely become much more aware of living frugally! Perhaps I need to go back to B&N next week, pull up a chair near that "Frugal Living" table in B&N, and begin taking notes!


  1. I use our library system extensively. It is statewide, so there are very few books I want but can't find. I search online for what I want and then put a hold on it and it's delivered to the library of my choice. Aside from being frugal, there are just so many books my shelves will hold...and I have already exceeded that!!!

  2. As a child, the library was a place of hushed awe to me. I LOVED meandering the aisles and then selecting something worthy of reading. It's a world visited by so few anymore, so thank you for the excellent idea!

    We are moving closer to retirement so I have begun to think in terms of frugal in a different light. There are so many things I know I could do different (most are related to food, gasoline, wardrobe); wisdom says to "start now!".

    Good food for thought here.