Monday, September 14, 2009


I went to the Texas Panhandle for the weekend and had a wonderful time. Every minute was filled with excitement, new experiences and adventure. First I had a visit and lunch with wonderful friends at Amarillo National Bank.
My next adventure while I was there was to walk across the street from ANB and visit the High Plains Public Radio recording studio. I was to meet Mary Palmer who was driving in from Kansas to talk to me about recording something from my book for NPR. I arrived at the studio a bit early. Em, my 9-year-old granddaughter, elected to go with me, so we had time for a nice visit before Mary Palmer arrived. Once she arrived she talked to me about my book and what it was like to self-publish a book. I told her that it had come about because of my memoir writing classes and she decided that should be the focus of our interview. Her manner made me very relaxed and we "chatted" with the big microphone up against my mouth for the better part of an hour. At the end of the interview she invited my granddaughter to comment about growing up in the same area where her grandmother had grown up. Em stepped up to the microphone and answered Mary's questions like a pro. I was very impressed and proud of her. Our interview will be broadcast in the Panhandle area on September 25 at 10:30 a.m. Fortunately, I will be there again that weekend for my high school reunion, so I will gather Em and family around and we will listen to this exciting (at least for us!) radio broadcast.

I will post the link to the broadcast for other areas of the country when Mary sends it to me.
My next adventure was to attend the dedication of the new St. Mary's Church in Amarillo. The church burned about three years ago and this was a momentous occasion for everyone there and for our family. My mother attended St. Mary's school when she was in the 8th grade. Fr. Smyer, the pastor there for many, many years had been a childhood friend of my dad's and played golf with him in his later years. While there I saw my parents' former pastor and the new bishop who had been our pastor several years ago. The new church is beautiful and the ceremony was lovely!

Early Saturday morning we got up to attend Son #2's triathlon at Lake Tanglewood. The weather was very cool with a bit of drizzle at first but clearing before the race began. I had never attended a triathlon before and it was exciting because my son was participating. Below is a picture of all of us. Note the matching shirts we all wore in support of WB (Son #2's nickname--it stands for Wrangler Boy).

The girls are helping WB stretch before the triathlon began.

And WB is being congratulated by his girls upon completion of the race! Congratulations, Son #2! I am proud of you--and your girls!

In the afternoon I was treated to a tour of their place in the country and a view of some of the wildlife that visits their front yard. The picture taken from their front yard looks like it might make a terrific painting!

I hated to return home on Sunday, but was consoled by the thought that I will return in two weeks for my high school reunion at the end of September.


  1. Sounds like a really perfect weekend. Thanks for sharing!

  2. OH wow! I am so glad the radio interview went so good! I know you were excited about it.I would be! And yay for your son in completing the race:))

  3. What an exciting adventure you had! Love your pics and you are right about them being beautiful landscape photos!

    Congrats on the recording! Can't wait to hear it.

    I'm impressed by anyone who enters any type of race or competition! Awesome job to your son!

  4. Sounds like a great time. Can't wait to hear the interview.

  5. What an exciting adventure you're having and the write up . . . fabulous! Looking forward to hearing the interview and your grand-daughter sounds adorable!

    This is my first visit to your blog and I'm going to sign up to follow you and your adventures. I'm new to blogging and hope that you will come over and visit mine. Hopefully you'll find something in my posts that you'll like.

    Will be back to go over some of your earlier posts.

    Have a great rest of the week and congrats to your son. My son loves to compete/particpate also!

  6. I just saw the post and am really looking forward to hearing your conversation on the radio! I enjoyed reading the stories in your book (and hearing more about them on the Video Biography) so much that this is bound to be equally special... yay!