Thursday, September 24, 2009


Another visit to the ER in the early hours of this morning and I am beginning to recognize some of those faces from my visit with Mother day before last. This time it was my husband with a severe urinary tract problem. Five hours later he was released to come home and we have moved through the afternoon like zombies because we were up most of last night.

I finally got upstairs to visit Mother in the same hospital this morning and found that the doctor had already seen her. She will be released tomorrow to return to the Summit, but this time to the skilled nursing floor for a couple of weeks. She needs the close attention that they will give her until she gets her strength back again.

And so, I am going to fall into bed now and say a few prayers for all who are sick--including my sister-in-law in Albuquerque who was admitted to the hospital with a severe stomach problem. Enough already!

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  1. I wish you, your mother, and your husband the best and speedy recovery! Take care of yourself too Pat!