Thursday, September 25, 2008

Back Home Again

We had a wonderful visit to Oregon. I got to see the sunset on the Pacific Ocean one evening. The other evenings it was too cloudy to have a colorful sunset, but I took a gazillion pictures of the one sunset I did see. Maybe I can do a painting??
Then we ate and ate some more. We had salmon and tuna smoked by our host, halibut caught by our host, fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, sweet onions and new potatoes grown by our host, and filberts from their trees. We also had fried clams the size of my hand dug by our hosts, and venison steak shot and prepared by our host--the best I have ever eaten. Yum! The food was delicious! And for dessert--Marion berry cobbler and Tillamook ice cream, of course! I may have gained a few pounds on this trip!

We visited a few lighthouses, saw a couple of covered bridges, visited an aviation museum, and rode on a ferry a couple of times.

AND we did some shopping and more eating!

I helped pick tomatoes for dinner--and ate a few fresh off the vine--they were sweet as sugar, and then we gathered filberts.

The scenery was gorgeous! It was a wonderful vacation!


  1. Yes, and the weather was so COOL! I am about ready for fall around here!

  2. that food sounds amazing! oh my gosh, making me even hungrier now. :)

  3. Mmmm! The food WAS good. I brought back a pound of penuche from a candy shop on the coast and am devouring it as I type! It was a candy that my dad loved and just tasting it brought back a flood of memories! I had not had any penuche since I was a child. I got a recipe and probably do NOT need to make any to keep around here because I will EAT it and it is almost pure sugar, maple syrup and cream! Yum!

  4. What wonderful pictures! It looks like you had a great time. I'm nostaglic for September vacations now....

  5. What a red-letter example of Local Eating -- I'm hungry! One of our sons live in Portland with his family, and part of my heart in Oregon.

    Truth be told, my heart is scattered all over the country and even the world. I don't want to settle down anywhere. I want a transporter like on Star Trek so I can be anywhere I think of, for a few minutes or a few years.

  6. Ritergal,
    It was beautiful there—and great food! And so cool and green--hard to return to our area now in severe drought stage!