Friday, December 12, 2008


Coupons! That is my Frugal Friday hint. I have been clipping coupons for about six months now and it really pays off. Today I went to Walmart to buy some groceries and looked through my coupons before I left home. I came out of there with ONLY the things on my list and saved $6.50 with the coupons I used. Several of the things I bought were marked down, so that made the coupons even more valuable. Yesterday I went to Walgreen's and had clipped coupons out of their Sunday advertisement. I bought three bags of things and, once again, saved $6.00. In both shopping trips I was very rigid about only buying things on my list because I know how easy it is to get carried away with the other things that I see as I shop for things on my list.

It has been years since I clipped coupons. It was something I did when my boys were growing up and we needed to make every penny count. Since the boys left home I had gotten lax and did not pay that much attention to how much money I was spending. Now it shocks me at how much I could have been saving if I had been more conscious about spending. This economic downturn has really made me think about the money that I do spend nowadays.


  1. Does WalMart take coupons??? I never take mine there cause I thought they didn't!!! I hope they do cause wow will I save more! Tell me!

  2. Yes, Terri, they do. The first couple of times I took my coupons, they acted like they did not WANT to take them, and a couple of times they did not even know how to do it at the cash register, but yesterday the fellow knew how to do it and made no comments or big sighs. The first two times the manager had to get involved, but not this time. Maybe more and more people are doing it now.