Thursday, December 18, 2008


A frugal hint that might not apply to all climates, but works nicely in our climate where we only get mild freezes is to plant a winter crop of lettuce. We have a neighbor who planted several kinds of lettuce and arugula and he shares with several of us in the neighborhood. I go over 2-3 times a week and pick enough for salads for my husband and me. I usually get plenty for two meals each time and it is delicious--so much better than what we get in the store. This fall I planted some chard, kale, cilantro and a bit of purple lettuce. It has grown well despite our drought and a couple of freezes. It is nice to have these fresh items in our salads and know that they have not been treated with pesticides or chemical fertilizers. Best of all is that they are not costing us an arm and a leg in the store.


  1. I wanted to wish you the best Merry Christmas ever!!

  2. wishing you a Merry Christmas!

  3. Pat, I am loving your blog and the ones that you follow. I got great ideas from the Serenity Gate on some books for the grands as well as a good place to send some.
    Thanks and a happy, happy, Christmas.

  4. Kathy, I am just now getting around to responding to e-mail I received just prior to and during Christmas. It was hectic with two of our boys and their children here for the holidays!

    I am glad you like my blog and I appreciate your comment. I am also glad that you are getting good ideas from some of the other blogs. I love following blogs and wish I had time to follow more.