Saturday, September 26, 2009


My Frugal Friday post went by the wayside as I spent my time at the hospital. We were supposed to take Mother back to her residence at the Summit in the morning, but when I arrived at the hospital it was evident that Mother was not going anywhere. Her lungs had filled with fluid overnight and the doctor just shook his head. He said we were walking a tightrope at this point and things could go either way at any time.

During the day Mother had terrible periods of pain, coughing and congested breathing interspersed with periods of wakefulness where she was congenial and talkative. She woke up before lunch and dinner and looked forward to eating although she picked through her food, tasting things that looked good and rejecting other things, leaving them untouched.

Although the day at the hospital was difficult, the people caring for Mother were wonderful. The doctor said he was off over the weekend but would probably come in to take care of Mother. The two nurses assigned to Mother were sweet, attentive and caring--both with Mother and with me. Our priest came by to give Mother a blessing and gave me a boost along with a chuckle or two. My poor, ailing husband came to let me cry on his shoulder. My nephew came to lend his support although he is also concerned about his mother who is very ill in the hospital in New Mexico.

We could use your prayers at this point because--bottom line--the outcome is really in God's hands.


  1. My heart goes out to you along with prayers. I know what it is to care for and about your Mom. I'm thankful that you have had so much support and loving care from hospital and family. Will continue to lift you and Mom in prayer.

  2. You have our prayers and thoughts.
    cathy v